Mobile Apps

SD3 is not just pushing the envelope of mobile app development in the Chicago area. For discerning clients, we whip the envelope across the room like a Frisbee. We choreograph development of leading applications through a substantial investment in a specialized team with mobile platform knowledge and programming expertise.

Web Apps

SD3 complements most web app development with proven interface structures for backend systems like ERP, CRM, healthcare systems and telephony systems. SD3 has the expertise to integrate these platforms with the web, mobile web and mobile apps, creating solutions ideal for your business.

Business Intelligence

Does all that data you’re collecting help drive the bottom line? Not if it’s not being gathered and stored properly for later consumption. SD3 solves this by collecting data from source content areas and building data warehouses critical to mainstream, industry-standard dimensional modeling techniques.

Build Your Team

How does SD3 provide highly skilled technology staffing in the Chicago area better than its competitors?Especially when those technologies are difficult to find? Simply stated, we are system engineers, not head hunters, so we excel at providing you with the right IT staffing fit the first time.

What do we do?

Quite simply, we make technology work for you. You know the benefits of technology: Cost savings, efficiency, closer connections to customers and suppliers, etc. We know how to match the right technology with your mission-critical needs. We can provide support, a lead role or total management from start to finish. There is a better way for technology to drive your bottom line, and SD3 delivers it.


Challenge Us

Case Studies

Customized Mobile Application Development

img3_small Bringing together multiple relevant software platforms, SD3 created an app that streamlines workflow assessment in real-time. Team members in the field can communicate smoothly with home office, each one in sync with work orders, updates and more. Read More...

HipaaCat & My Doctor Note Android and iOS Apps

case_studies_img3 A hospital system that relies on communication of critical and highly private patient information needed a safe way to do so electronically. The forward-thinkers at SD3 developed an app enabling chiefs, residents and nurses to securely send and receive images and/or messages. This required creation of a custom camera application to keep images off the “camera roll” for security and yet still gave full control of image details. Read More...

Data Warehouse Telecommunications

img10_small When the regional arm of a large cellular provided needed a massive tech fix, SD3 provided the solution, in the form of a system to monitor performance of cellular towers to troubleshoot every factor imaginable. This data retrieval and storage system not only earned a Corporate Award for Excellence, but ended up being implemented nationwide. Read More...