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Healthcare Marketing Trends to Follow in 2016



The healthcare industry is changing rapidly and thus brings new opportunities and challenges. Now everything is digitally empowered and healthcare industry is no different. According to a recent research it shows that more than 70% of patients take help of internet to gather information regarding doctors, hospitals and medical treatments. The shift towards digital age has been influenced by several trends that are important for healthcare industry to remain competitive in 2016. Several medical web design companies still lag behind patient expectations in healthcare industry, so it’s good to take full advantage of new and developing technologies.


Healthcare Industry Trends you can’t miss in 2016:


responsive-websiteMobile Responsive Websites: With increase ownership of Smartphones and tablets, your medical web design must be mobile responsive to successfully capture an increasingly mobile market. Since 2015, mobile friendly websites are favored by Google and get higher rank in search results but now mobile websites are necessary to ensure visibility of your web and to drive visitors to your website. Mobile friendly websites makes it easier for users to access the content easily and efficiently. Mobile web should have a simple navigation system with call to action functionality. Maps with GPS functionality is an added advantage.


Patient-AdvocatesPatient Education: Today’s patients are avid researchers and do proper search on internet regarding physicians and healthcare practices, researching health conditions and treatment options before visiting a doctor. For this reason, it’s good to focus on search engine optimization of your website which means you should provide informative and useful content related to your keywords via blogs, videos and articles.  This will increase your organization’s credibility.



Patient-EducationPatient Advocates: In today’s digital age word of mouth is very important. From a recent research it shows that 6 in 10 patients check online reviews before selecting a physician. In old days recommendation given by friends was trusted but now the scenario has completely changed. Today nearly 80% people trust online reviews for recommendation and determine the quality of a business simply by online reviews.




engagin-contentEngaging Social Content: Before people may not consult social media for information but now it plays a major role in branding. Consumers use social media to make certain decisions like selecting a health provider, etc. Snapchat and Facebook ads are popular social marketing tools and your organization should use them to engage and connect with users.


To remain ahead of competition it’s important that your organization take full advantage of the above tools and trends.




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