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How to Drive Custom Web Apps in Chicago with a Dedicated, In-House IT Professional

Web applications have been on the top of the project pile for businesses that require a heightened level of functionality through data collection software development, asset tracking app development, custom phi app development or any other idea to organize, streamline and be on the leading edge of technology.


One obstacle that many enterprises face when they have an idea for a custom web application is that their in-house team does not possess the experience and technical expertise that is required for the demands of the complex system engineering, testing and documentation necessary to develop and implement a completely customized web application.


The benefit of a custom web or mobile app is that is can be a solution-based program, which is conceived from a problem that needs to be solved to push a business forward and grow. Essentially, custom app design offers businesses the opportunity to improve their business from the inside-out with custom apps that work for the business and become one of the company’s greatest assets.


Fortunately, overcoming the challenge of not having in-house personnel is easily remedied with SD3 in Chicago that builds IT teams for companies that have an app idea that they need to bring to life.


Working with SD3’s IT Staffing Service


Having a team built through custom web app development specialists guarantees that any vision can come to fruition. In fact, businesses do not even get charged if they are not happy with the work. SD3’s IT recruiting has a three part hiring methodology to ensure that the engineers and technicians have the projects best interest in mind and are committed to the success of any mobile app development assignment.


  1. Recruiting


IT professionals are assessed using a modified CIDS (Complete In-Depth Structured) interview approach. Applicants are interviewed for a number of skills and traits including:

  • Education skills
  • Technical skills for custom web app development
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Customer focus


This guarantees the start of a great working relationship with a highly competent and experienced IT professional.


  1. Reporting


At any moment a business should have a complete picture of progress. This is why in-house IT hires are required to submit weekly, detailed, auditable timesheets and a status report that tracks the week’s accomplishments. This also includes plans for the next week and any issues they have faced with the project.


  1. Retention


When IT experts are found, hired and complete projects successfully they are given incentives to continue working through SD3 with opportunities for professional development and contributing toward an employee’s healthy work-life balance. IT professionals that are hired to work in-house on custom web app design and development are happy and content within their roles.


Bringing an idea to life for a custom web app in Chicago is made possible, and affordable, with SD3 helping businesses to build their team of system engineers and IT professionals. Businesses interested in developing a custom web app with an in-house specialist are encouraged to arrange a consultation with SD3 to discuss their project. 

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