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The Benefits of PHI Compliant Apps for Healthcare

With everyone using their Smartphones, including doctors, nurses and patients, it comes as no surprise that healthcare providers are looking for intelligent solutions to improve efficiency, provide better care for their patients and to keep data safe and compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations. PHI (Protected Health Information) compliant apps are on the rise as more clinics and hospitals are looking for leading-edge technology, including PHI compliant apps to enhance their business:


  • Patient Engagement


Patients that have access to their records, prescriptions, treatment plans and reminders will be much more likely to stay engaged and in touch with their healthcare professional. This translates into patients that follow their doctor’s instructions, receive proper treatment and become loyal and satisfied customers of the practice.


  • Reduce Healthcare Costs


Patients will appreciate any technology that will help them to reduce their healthcare costs and a PHI compliant app can offer patients living with chronic illness the functionality to submit their daily measurements and records to their doctor. This reduces travel time and in-office visits, which become costly and inconvenient for patients that are already living with an illness or condition.


  • Increased Efficiency


A custom PHI compliant app can be designed to improve communication between healthcare professionals and patients. Doctors have the ability to pull up records quickly, share information with colleagues including nurses and specialists, and patients can view their test results without having to re-visit the office.


  • Information at your Fingertips


With patient records at a healthcare professional’s fingertips, doctors and nurses can take a call and answer questions anytime and from anywhere, improving customer service and freeing the healthcare provider from working at their desk to be able to locate and send information.


  • Data and Privacy


One concern that many healthcare professionals have expressed is the fact that free or paid apps may send personal information to third party marketing firms and researchers. Healthcare professionals that would like a PHI compliant app should consider a custom mobile app development firm that ensures PHI and a HIPAA app compliance auditing service. This will guarantee that any healthcare app that is being used is compliant with personal health information and data privacy standards within the industry.


If you are currently using a PHI app it’s important to check the privacy policy. If the information that has been provided seems unclear, data may be shared with third party sources. It is highly recommended that healthcare professionals consult with a custom mobile app development service regarding PHI compliant apps and have one designed specifically for the practice to ensure compliance with PHI and HIPAA and to have a custom mobile app developed that works for the company; enhancing, improving and strengthening the business with leading-edge technology and a development team on your side.


To learn more about PHI compliant apps book a consultation with SD3 in Chicago to find out how custom mobile app development can work for healthcare professionals.


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