HIPAA Compliance Email Security for Healthcare Industry

  As a healthcare professional, you are most likely very well versed in all aspects of HIPAA compliance; the act of maintaining the integrity and protection of your patients' medical treatment records and other healthcare data. This can already be sufficiently tricky when you're managing intranets and internal frameworks, yet when ... Read More...

img1_smallPlatformz Mobile Indie Music and Media Search: : iPad and iPhone app

How do you sift through the millions of songs from tens of thousands of artists available on the internet? With Platformz, the first mobile app to enable cross-platform music searches. SD3 developed this iOS mobile app from concept through the kickoff party in downtown Chicago.


case_studies_img2Horizon Shades Sample Book

SD3 made work a lot easier for window fashion and treatment professionals by crafting an iPad app that can digitally hold more than 1,500 high-resolution images. No more lugging huge, clunky samples from the rep’s car to the client’s dining room table.


img3_smallCustomized Mobile Application Development

Bringing together multiple relevant software platforms, SD3 created an app that streamlines workflow assessment in real-time. Team members in the field can communicate smoothly with home office, each one in sync with work orders, updates and more.


img4_smallState Restaurant Menu and Information App

A popular restaurant sought SD3’s expertise to craft a program whereby diners would be handed a tablet at the door. At their table, patrons can review an SD3-built app to learn about the background and history of items on the menu, including the variety of beer selections.


case_studies_img3HipaaCat & My Doctor Note Android and iOS Apps

A hospital system that relies on communication of critical and highly private patient information needed a safe way to do so electronically. The forward-thinkers at SD3 developed an app enabling chiefs, residents and nurses to securely send and receive images and/or messages. This required creation of a custom camera application to keep images off the “camera roll” for security and yet still gave full control of image details.


appIcon_CronologyColorology iPhone Application

Rather than lecture customers about the significance of color, a marketing communications and web development company sought to develop an iPhone app that would allow customers to explore color on their own. SD3 came up with a mobile app to help customers understand how to integrate color when developing and selecting brand.


img7_smallMy Breadcrumbs Android Mobile Application

SD3 designed a mobile app for a friend that would keep track of one’s every destination throughout the day. With the app, users can view their tracks on a map to visually see where they had been that day. Ideal for work and personal use, SD3 designed and developed the app and database on the Android platform. It was deployed as a free download.


case_studies_img4Inventory Control

When it comes to handling hazardous materials, you don’t want to play around. That’s why SD3 came up with a mobile app for a client that effectively monitored check-in and check-out of specific chemicals their technicians would use on any given day. The result is reduced product waste.


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