case_studies_img2Horizon Shades Sample Book

SD3 made work a lot easier for window fashion and treatment professionals by crafting an iPad app that can digitally hold more than 1,500 high-resolution images. No more lugging huge, clunky samples from the rep’s car to the client’s dining room table.


img4_smallState Restaurant Menu and Information App

A popular restaurant sought SD3’s expertise to craft a program whereby diners would be handed a tablet at the door. At their table, patrons can review an SD3-built app to learn about the background and history of items on the menu, including the variety of beer selections.


appIcon_CronologyColorology iPhone Application

Rather than lecture customers about the significance of color, a marketing communications and web development company sought to develop an iPhone app that would allow customers to explore color on their own. SD3 came up with a mobile app to help customers understand how to integrate color when developing and selecting brand.


img14_smallComputer Telephony Integration Call Center

A direct marketer in Chicago needs to galvanize integration between call center data and their customer management system. SD3 provided the solution in the form of a new system that manages and analyzes calls, generating more leads and greater sales closings.


img17_smallDatabase Marketing System Campaign Management

A client needed a better way to track marketing initiatives. SD3 developed a system that captures vital information about marketing initiatives, including cost-benefit analysis and data that would dictate future marketing strategies. The result was increased annualized premium revenue 150-fold over the past seven years.


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