img10_smallData Warehouse Telecommunications

When the regional arm of a large cellular provided needed a massive tech fix, SD3 provided the solution, in the form of a system to monitor performance of cellular towers to troubleshoot every factor imaginable. This data retrieval and storage system not only earned a Corporate Award for Excellence, but ended up being implemented nationwide.


img11_smallBilling System Intranet and Transaction Processing

How does a long distance provider manage data from 450 million phone calls per month? With an intranet and transaction processing platform that SD3 delivered to the client. Saves money and, to date, has processed more than 2 billion call records.


img14_smallComputer Telephony Integration Call Center

A direct marketer in Chicago needs to galvanize integration between call center data and their customer management system. SD3 provided the solution in the form of a new system that manages and analyzes calls, generating more leads and greater sales closings.


img13_smallCollection System Enterprise Application

Haphazard debt collection systems can cost companies millions of dollars annually. When a Fortune 100 company needed to improve its accounts receivable process and capture back those millions of dollars, SD3 built the program.


img9_smallToll Free Reporting : : Call-Center Traffic Analysis

SB3 product development helped fill a gaping need for one of the world’s largest telecommunications providers. The company could not effectively provide its customers with web-based reporting on their toll-free phone traffic. SD3 brought to market an efficient, customer-facing website that has plugged holes and generated revenue.


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