Collection System Enterprise Application


Collection Management Workflow and Reporting

When accounts receivable (A/R) starts to age like fine wine, it is time to implement a better solution. SD3 helped the collections department reduce their accounts receivable portfolio by several million dollars and better manage collections going forward.

What the client wanted:

The collections department at a Fortune 100 client needed to reduce their outstanding A/R. Their current collections activity was limited because the customer accounts were spread across several disparate financial systems. Collectors would have to login to each system independently. They worked any account they felt needed attention. Management did not have a way of tracking collector productivity or other collections metrics. The client turned to SD3 to develop and implement a system to improve their collections process.

What SD3 did:

The SD3 team gathered and documented the system requirements, defined the future system architecture and designed the screens, reports and electronic interfaces to external systems (financial systems, third-party letter vendor, and predictive dialer system). SD3 developed all of the system testing and prepare for production launch.

SD3 provided project management, system analysis, architecture, design, website, database programming and administration for the project.

The outcome:

The collection system successfully went into production on time and with all the required functionality. Customer account information was gathered and centralized in the new collection system. Accounts were scored in order of importance according to management. Workflow was streamlined by automating customer contact via a predicative dialer, implementing an intuitive web interface for treating accounts, and generating letter requests to a third-party print vendor based on account treatment activity. Management had visibility to metrics surrounding the collection process. Collector productivity significantly improved. In just a few months after production launch, the client reduced their outstanding accounts receivable by several million dollars. Our customer is very happy with the project ROI and their continued working relationship with SD3.


Java J2EE (JSP, Servlets, Struts, JDBC), Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle 9I Databases, Tomcat Application Server

  • Immediate ROI
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Revenue Collection

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