Our Guarantee

Your IT business solutions demand respect. With that, SD3 recognizes that talk is, well, cheap. We know that we will meet and exceed your needs and expectations. You’ll be totally satisfied or you won’t be charged.

Who is that confident? We are, and you will be too.

SD3 brings to market a simple and effective three-part methodology that assures our clients are serviced by top-notch technical personnel that are dedicated to the success of projects:


SD3 hires only top talent. Using a modified CIDS (Complete In-Depth Structured) interview approach, we assess applicants in areas of intelligence, education and technical skills, communication skills, interpersonal relations and customer focus. We bring you the best because we find the best.

On a weekly basis, our submits not only detailed, auditable timesheets but also a status report that precisely tracks that week’s accomplishments, plans for the next week and any issues that may have arisen. This is distributed to all relevant managers, so at any moment you can have a complete picture of your project's progress on every objective.

Our intense commitment to SD3’s personnel pays off in productivity on your projects. We strive to maintain an appropriate work-life balance and a positive atmosphere with opportunities for professional development, making our people glad they work for us and with you.

  • Recruiting
  • Reporting
  • Retention

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Case Studies

Customized Mobile Application Development

img3_small Bringing together multiple relevant software platforms, SD3 created an app that streamlines workflow assessment in real-time. Team members in the field can communicate smoothly with home office, each one in sync with work orders, updates and more. Read More...

HipaaCat & My Doctor Note Android and iOS Apps

case_studies_img3 A hospital system that relies on communication of critical and highly private patient information needed a safe way to do so electronically. The forward-thinkers at SD3 developed an app enabling chiefs, residents and nurses to securely send and receive images and/or messages. This required creation of a custom camera application to keep images off the “camera roll” for security and yet still gave full control of image details. Read More...

Data Warehouse Telecommunications

img10_small When the regional arm of a large cellular provided needed a massive tech fix, SD3 provided the solution, in the form of a system to monitor performance of cellular towers to troubleshoot every factor imaginable. This data retrieval and storage system not only earned a Corporate Award for Excellence, but ended up being implemented nationwide. Read More...

Website Development Marketing

img13_small SD3 built a customized marketing site that leveraged the client’s need for a heavy web presence. The environmental services company came away with a site that not only pumped the brand, but enabled the company to access regulatory adherence documentation, product lines, customer education and other critical information. Read More...

Healthcare Network Security

img14_small Multiple Network Security and HIPAA Compliance A healthcare company needed to insure that its computers, databases and networks were safe from ... Read More...