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Mobile Indie Music and Media Search App

The Internet is loaded with music, news, and entertainment media but how do you sift thru everything to find what you want? With access to millions of songs, tens of thousands of artists, and a host of entertainment media, an application to easily put the world of independent music (indie-music) and media in your control was begging to be developed. Platformz created the vision and selected SD3 as their mobile app solution provider to develop this exciting new iOS mobile application.

What the client wanted:

There are many sites out on the web for up and coming artists to publish their latest songs and make them accessible to the public for streaming or download. Sites like Audiomack, Soundcloud, and Mixcloud give artists a stage so they can be heard. Checking your favorite sites for your favorite artists can be time consuming particularly if you want to get the scoop on everyone when something new gets uploaded. The client wanted a mobile application that could search multiple sites simultaneously making it easier to find what you are looking for. They also wanted a way to feature certain artists that they were promoting.

What SD3 did:

SD3 worked with the client to design and architect the mobile application. We investigated the various APIs that were available from the initial set of search engines that were to be incorporated into that app and integrated the proprietary libraries into the project. We also worked closely with the client to include the featured song, album, and artist content into the application in a flexible way to allow updates to future content. Finally, we helped assemble all of the content and requirements to deploy the application on the App Store to bring the app to market.

The outcome:

The Platfomz indie music and media search app was a hit at the kickoff party this July in downtown Chicago. Artists are pleased to know that their music is now reaching a greater audience and fans are ecstatic about the ease with which they can search multiple sites to find great new music.


iOS, Objective C, RESTful Web services, JSON, SQLite, Core Data

  • Saves time
  • Simplify access to artist media


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