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The Evolution of Managed IT Services

In the past many small businesses hired an IT professional when something went wrong with their IT systems. These professionals likely built the system themselves but did not have the tools and technology to properly manage and prevent problems before they occurred. This resulted in being called when something was amiss and everyone crossing their fingers with the hope it could be fixed.


The next step in the evolution of Managed IT Services was when IT professionals began to document and detail their work with the IT systems before problems occurred and would look for hints of errors and malfunction. Some even had elaborate checklists to record disk usage, processor usage etc. A serious problem with this method was that the technician would only know what was going on with the IT system when they were present when the problem occurred. If something went wrong from after the technician visited, they would hear about it via phone call, which was not much better than how Managed IT Services first began; receiving a call about an issue and hoping it could be resolved.


A Leap in the Evolution of Managed IT Services with Fortune 500 Companies

Hardware and software vendors were adding new and improved methods for systems to signal problems as early as possible. Simple Network Management Protocol had been developing since the early 90’s. This was being applied to PC’s. The first systems that could watch these tools and turn data into usable information were very difficult to manage, expensive and geared toward large networks. Fortune 500 companies with large networks were the first to use these systems. Around 2005, systems started to evolve and this resulted in smaller companies benefiting from the same features as larger companies. This technology started to evolve into what we know today as Managed IT Services.


Managed IT Services for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

With new technology in place, small to mid-sized businesses now have access to Managed IT Services. IT service technicians use their software to receive alerts if anything is vulnerable and at risk. Every alert that is received is due to an issue that needs to be looked at immediately. This 24-hour support provides small  to mid-sized businesses with a level of comfort and security that has not been experienced before. It allows business to focus on the core of their company, and less on the technology side of operations.


Businesses of any size rely on technology to propel their company forward and Managed IT Services assure businesses that they will not become overwhelmed with managing their IT systems including patches, backups and security so companies can operate effectively and compete efficiently. These services guarantee that problems will be prevented that hinder productivity, sales and customer service, resulting in consistently functional, professional and technology-driven businesses.

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