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What Features Make Enterprise Mobility Platforms Effective?



The question needs to be asked: Does your business have a mobile app? If your competition has its own mobile app, it begs another question: What are you waiting for? Perhaps you believe it would require too much effort to create an app for your business, or you may feel the complexities would be too great. Or maybe, you feel the undertaking might be too costly. The truth is they are complex and can be costly, but there are solutions that can make it easier.

Here are some features to look for when you are in the market for an enterprise mobility platform.


You Need Intuitive Controls

Not everyone has the same needs. Some companies want easy, no code software that builds a mobile app drag and drop. Others have teams that can write code and have other mobile needs, such as integrating with backend, security, and other concerns. Making the perfect app shouldn't involve spending weeks attempting to figure out a company’s needs and requirements, and this is why user-friendly platforms are designed to operate with a drag-and-click model. However, there are many options for those who want hands-on control. There are effective platforms that will match your company’s needs, but it’s up to you to know what questions to ask.


You Need Smooth Integration

It is vital that your enterprise mobility platform have the capacity to work cooperatively with the systems your company currently depends on – and this would need to take place verys moothly. Your mobility platform must be in-tandem and in-sync with any existing internal systems where adaptability of the software must combine seamlessly with the functionality your company relies on. If this type of perfect balance is not achieved, the mobile app will never reach optimal performance or full potential. An app with limited capabilities will translate into customers viewing your app as being unimpressive and only marginally useful and that can create unintended consequences for your company. And that’s a best case scenario.The reality is that an inadequate application may not work at all for your needs. This causes a huge dilemma: How do you get data to a customer if you can’t access the back-end where all the business-critical success.


You Need Top-Notch Security

Shielding your app from on-line risks, such as hackers, should be a top priority. Cyberspace intrusions of the malicious kind are a reality, and doing everything possible to protect digital assets cannot be overemphasized. Consider the following points:


1: If an app is created for only employees, it will still result in copious amounts of data being hurled across the internet since your team will use this platform to interact with your core system more than ever before. This is an important scenario to consider, do employees have interdepartmental access to data? If so, there could be a significant risk to security.


2: If an app is created for customers, the amount of individuals engaging with your core system will dramatically increase in addition to the number of times your core system will be accessed.

Without the proper security, you are putting your company in harm's way. Being easy preydue to cutting corners, negligence, or lack of foresight is not only avoidable, it is unacceptable.


Top-tier protection involves enterprise mobility platforms that embed your app with encryption capabilities. Very simply, this means each and every communication or transaction that flows between your company's core logic and your app would need to be encrypted. Without encryption requirements in place, you open up your company to malicious agendas that are waiting in the wings to totally compromise your system.


You Need Adaptable Management Capabilities

Another key consideration with selecting the best enterprise mobility platform is to be able to create modifications to your app and have the ability to seamlessly generate those changes or updates to your existing users. Changes to apps are a given, and even after your app's final release, an enhancement or modification can eventually surface that you will desire to utilize.The key is to possess excellent management functions that allow updates to be smooth and painless.


It's always extremely important to manage who has authority to utilize your company's app.Via role-based access, you will possess the type of user-control you would desire and require.Take, for example, team-members who quit or are let go. One can never assume a once-dependable employee will walk away with no hidden angst or feelings of vengeance. Businesses have experienced this type of situation, only to discover too late that former employees covertly gained access to a company's vital data. You will need the security ability to deny any access by anyone at any time.


Knowing what a quality solution looks like will give you the upper hand when it comes time to invest. Make sure you have the control you need for any given situation. Again, everyone’s requirements will be different. Your app should integrate easily without taking up too much of your IT team’s time. A high quality security system should also offer data encryption capabilities. Protecting your company’s financial and customer information is extremely important. Finally, you’ll need the ability to adapt. Having the ability to make changes and update your system is paramount. Once you understand what to look for in a quality enterprise mobility platform, you’ll be able to wisely choose your provider.


Lily Luo is a marketing manager for Rocket Software.  She covers topics about terminal emulation and enterprise mobility.


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